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Facebook Launches Pages Redesign

Posted February 10th, 2011 by ActiveMatter with 1 Comment

Today Facebook launches a major redesign and expansion of functionality of its Pages for businesses, brands, media, and public figures. The Page layout will now match the December user profile redesign, with a left-hand navigation panel replacing the tabs above the wall. Page admins will also be able to login as their Page, giving them access to Facebook and email notifications about activity on their Page, and other options.

Page admins will begin seeing a preview and tour of the new features today, and will have the choice to voluntarily upgrade until March 10th when all Pages will be automatically migrated to the redesign.

New Layout

Similar to the redesigned user profile, Pages have a Photostrip above the wall that displays the latest photos the Page has tagged itself in. The profile picture is slightly reduced in size from 200 x 600 pixels to 180 x 540. The About blurb has moved from the wall tab to the info tab.

Relevant Posts Wall Filter

Page admins can select between an “Everyone” and a Page posts only default tab for the wall. Instead of showing a reverse chronological stream of posts, the Everyone tab show users posts Facebook thinks will be the most relevant. Recent posts by friends, posts by other users in same language or country, and posts that have received a lot of Likes and comments will bubble to the top.

Admins Can “Use Facebook as Page”

Page admins can choose to “Use Facebook as Page” from the Account drop-down menu in the top right corner of Facebook. Admins will then see a special version of the site chrome where they can post and comment around the site under their Page’s alias. Since Pages can now Like other Pages, admins see a news feed of updates from Liked Pages.

We are big fans of the Everyone wall filter in particular because it will help ensure high quality content each you visit a Page. This will bolster confidence in brands and businesses that users directed to their Page will have an enjoyable, engaging experience. This should be good for brands as well as increasing revenue for Facebook.